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Escape to Macaya

by Hall Franklin Duncan Ph.D.

Fourteen-year old Andre, kidnapped into slavery, makes a desperate escape from certain death!

This action-packed story is about a teenager’s horrific experiences as a child-slave in Port-au-Prince. He is imprisoned in a daily challenge of hopelessness. Starvation, painful beatings, little sleep and no school become his daily existence.

A rare mountain creature, a hutia, adds to the suspense as the story unfolds in each chapter. The surprise ending gives hope and courage to the reader to eliminate child slavery wherever it exists.

This unique book educates the reader with illustrated sidebars that feature facts about Haiti, its people and their culture.

Resources for further study and suggestions on how to help make a difference for the people of Haiti are included in this book.

Paperback: 174 pages
1st edition (January 10, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1494929244
ISBN-13: 978-1494929244
Library of Congress Control Number: 2014900454

Off Our Rockers
New International Edition

Cartoons and Homespun Humor to Perk Up Your Life with Laughter!

This book is filled with humorous writings and positive cartoons for all those who are over the hill and think young.


Written and Illustrated by "Dr. D."

The Scream Heard Around the World

This is an illustrated children's book about a mouse who saves a trucker.


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